Optimizing Alesis iO Dock Performance
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Alesis iDock Audio And Midi Interface For iPad

Alesis iDock Audio And Midi Interface For iPad

The following video will demonstrate some tips for getting the best performance and signal possible while recording with the Alesis iO Dock.


Make sure you are running the latest iPad iOS, the latest iO Dock firmware, and the latest version of any recording apps you plan to use.

As of this posting, the latest versions available are:

• iOS 5.1
• iO Dock firmware 1.0.7
• Garage Band 1.2

From the home screen, select ‘Settings’ and turn ‘Airplane Mode’ to ‘On’. This will disable both Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, and will ensure that your music app gets uninterrupted access to your iPad’s processor.

Next, be sure to quit any other open applications. For a walkthrough on quitting background apps, see the following video:


GarageBand has many meters and volume sliders. Only one actually shows you your peak audio input level — see 2:14 in the video. Use this level meter as your sole reference when setting the input level knob on the rear of the iO Dock. Your goal when setting the input level is to accurately capture the performance with a good signal level, but without clipping or reaching the right side of the input level meter (0dB).

Once your input level is set properly using the input level meter as your sole reference, then balance the volume of other tracks, and your headphone volume to create a headphone mix that is balanced with your input signal.

Do not adjust your input signal to try to match the level of pre-recorded tracks, or based on what you hear in the headphones. The input is set solely based on the signal on the input level meter.

After recording is finished re-balance the tracks again into a final mix-down.


How to maximize your iPad’s Performance: http://www.apple.com/batteries/ipad.html

How to update your iPad OS: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4623

Where to update your Alesis iO Dock Firmware http://alesis.com/iodock?tt=5

Additional guidance on setting input gain levels: http://www.noterepeat.com/articles/q-and-a/20-gain-staging-101

Download the garage band demo project used in this video: http://www.noterepeat.com/images/iodock_video_garageband_demo.zip

Buy the Alesis iO Dock here http://www.zzounds.com/a–993304/item–ALEIODOCK