Mixxmaster free midi sequencer
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MixxMaster Free MIDI sequencer

1.2 Jan 25, 2019
– Added ability in editor to split tracks
– Show plugin names in instrument selector
– Save metronome with project
– bug fixes (screen rotation, copy/paste, undo, etc…)

Mixxmaster is the quickest and easiest way to create MIDI sequences on your iPhone or iPad.

​The Mixxmaster editor allows you to edit your MIDI tracks with minimal effort. Adjust your notes, pitch bends, and control change MIDI events to perfection with the intuitive controls and gestures. Use the left and right arrow buttons to step through your sequence note by note.

An online help system guides your way.

Use our built in guitar, piano, and drum surfaces, external apps, or MIDI controllers with full Core MIDI and Audiobus support to lay down your tracks. Add as many virtual instruments as you want using instrument app plugins (Audio Unit Extensions). Includes basic piano, guitar, drum, and synth sounds to help you get started.

MORE INFO HERE https://www.blindintuition.biz/

Import Edit Playback MIDI For iPhone and iPad
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MIDI Editor turns your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch into a music sketchpad. Quickly and easily compose melodies, chord progressions and even drum patterns. It works with your favourite synths and music apps that support MIDI input. Once you are done, export the MIDI clip to other apps.

**NOTE this would be the perfect inexpensive midi player/editor if it had a separate midi sync option or supported audiobus. It imports MIDI files quick and easy. I wrote the dev today with that suggestion. Fingers crossed.

What’s New in Version 1.5
• Import MIDI files from the other apps via Open in… *
• Triplets grid support added.
• It’s now possible to create notes in edit mode via a pop-up menu.
• Edit mode is a default mode now.
• Bug fixes

* If a MIDI file consists of multiple tracks they will be imported as separate clips. At the moment maximum imported MIDI clip length is 32 bars.


• Three simple note editing modes: pencil, edit and velocity.
• Add and remove notes with taps.
• Precisely edit a note’s position and length on the timeline by zooming in to its exact location.
• Select and edit multiple notes at the same time.
• Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All and Delete supported.
• Velocity Mode: Select notes and drag your finger vertically to adjust their velocities.
• Transpose entire clip by +/-24 semitones.
• Undo/Redo edits.
• Adjust grid’s vertical and horizontal zooms independently.
• Import MIDI files from the other apps via Open in… *
• MIDI clips sync via iCloud.
• Export the MIDI files to other apps such as Dropbox, AudioShare, Cubasis and Mail.
• Change which app the MIDI Editor controls by selecting a MIDI Output.
• Background Audio Mode: MIDI clip continues looping in the background while you tweak synth’s parameters.
• Adjustable Tempo and MIDI Clip length.

Note that the app itself does not produce any sound. It sends MIDI note messages to Core MIDI compatible apps.

* If a MIDI file consists of multiple tracks they will be imported as separate clips. At the moment maximum imported MIDI clip length is 32 bars.

MIDI Editor

Auxy Free Music Workstation For iPad
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Auxy introduces a new way to make modern music on iPad. With a clean interface, stripped of unnecessary complexity, it encourages users to dive straight into the creative process and explore modern beat making without distraction.

With Auxy you create drums, bass lines and melody loops by drawing notes instead of recording instruments in real time. Loops can then be mixed and recorded to create your own beats.

Auxy is available for FREE


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