Free Electro House Drum Kits For NanoStudio

Free Electro House Drum Kits And Samples For NanoStudio

Soundtrackloops and iPadLoops have teamed up to bring you two banGin’ Electro House Drum kits FREE for Blip Interactive NanoStudio TRG-16 Drum Pads. They are all set up in .trg format and ready to be synced into your device. We did all he hard work for you! Simply like iPadLoops on Facebook.

GO TO OUR FB PAGE AND LIKE IT HERE iPadLoops Facebook or click the image above to reveal the FREE download link.

Getting the samples onto your iOS device

You will need a Windows PC or Mac with a WiFi connection and a copy of NanoSync, available from the Download page. The samples packs on this page are in .zip format, so once you have downloaded them you will need to unzip them to a folder of your choice. Transfer the unzipped .trg files to your phone by dragging and dropping them into NanoSync. We recommend copying them to NanoStudio’s ‘TRG Banks’ folder. For help on using NanoSync you can download the PDF manual, also found on the Download page here http://www.blipinteractive.co.uk/download.

We love NanoStudio, it’s our favorite sketchpad app for making music on the go.


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