Wooji Juice Mitosynth Vector Synthesis
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Wooji Juice Mitosynth

Mitosynth takes the concept of vector synthesis from the past and bring it into the future by placing sounds in a “wave chamber”.

Mitosynth takes a simple approach: With a tap, almost any dial can be switched out for a graph with automation controls, including LFOs, 5-stage DADSR envelopes, ingenious noise generator, step sequencer, BPM sync — and MIDI, of course. Plus XY pads for the hands-on approach.

And you can combine them. Use one automation to control which (or how much) of two others affect a setting. Many of the automation controls are themselves automatable. You can repeat this, going to deeper levels. LFOception!

The flexible FX chain means no messing with complicated routing tables, or stringing cables around until your screen looks like a plate of pasta: Slot the distortion, filter, delay and other effects you want, in the order you want. Simple!

Pick from 140 built-in patches — or design your own. Start with additive synthesis, wavetables, or a sophisticated mix. Add rich modulation, effects and filters, controlled by powerful LFOs and beyond. Make vibrant leads, vast soundscapes, compelling basses, warm bath or deep sea pads, and so much more.

Quick List of Things You Might Want To Know Mitosynth Supports:

• Core MIDI • Virtual MIDI • Background Audio • Audiobus • Inter-App Audio • AudioCopy/Paste • AudioShare • Dropbox • Performance Recording • iCloud Drive • Universal App • Enhanced for iPhone 6/6+ screens

Also features:

• Filters, crushers, distortion, warm fuzz, flanger, phaser, echo, tube resonance and chorus. Install up to four in any order — plus a high-quality reverb

• AM, PWM, Phase Mangulation, Supercharger unison mode

• Mono and Polyphonic glide, and Regular, Toggle and Latch sustain, customisable keyboard

• Slick patch and audio management with search and tagging

• Easily share patches with friends, including any additional audio they require

• Complete manual built-in, and available for download too


Grain Science Synthesizer For iPad
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Grain Science iPad Synthesizer

Grain Science is a beautiful new iPad Synthesiser. Designed for musicians, soundscape artists and SFX engineers who want to go beyond our Sylo Synthesiser, Grain Science is built on similar principles of granular synthesis, but is vastly more powerful.

What’s New in Version 1.3.5

• Updated for iOS 6
• Updated to take advantage of larger iPhone 5/iPod touch (5th generation) screen
• New: Custom reverb mode: direct control over reverb unit parameters
• New: Custom piano key sizes
• New: MIDI damper pedal (sustain) support
• Fix: Crash that could occur when using the Performance Panel to reselect the current instrument
• Fix: Minor graphical & UI issues
• iPhone and iPod touch support: Grain Science is now a Universal app, one purchase works on all your iOS devices. With Retina graphics for 4/4S and the new iPad!
• Arpeggiator 2.0: The arpeggiator has been rewritten to offer tonnes of new power and flexibility
• Ribbon Controller & Velocity: You can now use MIDI velocity to control synth parameters — even without a MIDI device, using the new on-screen Ribbon Controller
• G-1000 Shapeinator: A new fully customisable wave-shaping FX unit.

Arpeggiator 2.0

• New: Chorus FX unit
• New: Pulse Width Modulation blend mode
• New: Wave list shows a count of how many instruments use each wave
• New: More musician-friendly BPM system, goes up to 180bpm with 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32 options (old system can still be selected)
• New: Multiple-octave chord arpeggiation
• New: Swipe to delete unwanted audio from wave & audio import lists
• New: “Reed” built-in wave
• New: 6 additional built-in instruments
• New: Tube Resonance Bass can be programmed. Note: It can bite! Slow, gentle programs are recommended, unless you want artefacts!
• New: UI improvement — swap FX units by dragging them around by their names
• New: Setting to choose whether recording is hold-to-record or tap-to-start/tap-to-stop
• New: Mini VU meter on recording button during recording (or, in hold-to-record mode, tap to toggle on/off)
• New: Cropping selections now snap to zero-crossings for smoother results
• Improved: Easier to see when a cropping selection is about to begin
• Improved: Avoids “popping” while installing/uninstalling FX units
• Improved: Slightly more useful naming for newly-created instruments
• Fix: Crash bug when mapping certain kinds of parameter in otherwise-unmodified instruments
• Fix: Issue with reverb resetting itself after re-opening Grain Science
• Fix: Control Mapper shows the same names for Tube Resonance parameters as on their FX dials
• Fix: Issue with Control Mapper Auto-Reset not always auto-resetting to the correct value
• Fix: Issue with Single-Shot grain mode

Previously, in version 1.1:

• New: Background audio support (enable in settings)
• New: Virtual MIDI — control Grain Science from other apps on your device
• New: Flanger FX unit
• New: Pulse Width FX unit
• New: Single Shot grain mode — like Linear, but halts at the end of the sample instead of looping
• New: UI improvement — Jump quickly to any panel without having to scroll one-by-one
• New: UI improvement — Grain Mode, Blend Mode, Reverb Mode and AGC buttons can now be dragged up/down to quickly change modes without popping open a separate panel.
• New: 5 additional built-in instruments
• Improved: Faster switching between instruments
• Improved: Cleaner transitions when switching instruments
• Improved: Reduced memory usage
• Fix: Parameters in the control mapping panel now show “FX switched off” when the FX Unit they apply to hasn’t been activated in the FX chain.
• Fix: Issue transferring control map minimum/maximum/auto reset values to new instruments
• Fix: Issue where Bounce grain mode would, in rare circumstances, loop instead
• Fix: Compatibility issue importing certain audio files
• Fix: Various other minor issues

Grain Science iPad Synth

Use the built-in waveforms, or record or import your own — then use the sophisticated grain engine to create something completely new from them! Grain Science is easy to get to grips with, but offers lots of depth to explore: instead of offering one or two LFOs, almost any parameter in the system can be programmed to vary over time in complex ways.

Using new optimisations available in iOS 5, we can provide two grain units per voice, which you can combine for morphing or complex modulated sounds, then send through a configurable FX chain. Pick any 4 from the collection of FX units (including various types of distortion, high- and low-pass filters, phaser, resonance and echo), and connect them up in any order. Other audio tweaks include soft loop, reverb, glide and supercharger controls, and the ability to affect granular synthesis in realtime (live grainbending).

Also featured are an arpeggiator with both chord and step-sequence modes; Core MIDI support, including “tap & twist” learning for setting up controls; and a customisable performance screen with a collection of XY Pads and wheels.

Rounding it off, Grain Science plays nicely with others: Dropbox, Twitter and email integration are all included, for sharing or exporting your waveforms, recordings of your performances, and instrument (patch) designs.

Grain Science is available for $9.99


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