Sampler Sequencer For iPad
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Sampler Sequencer For iPad

Looking for a quick and dirty solution for recording samples and sequencing them? Your search is over. Turn the sounds of your world into amazing music and share it with your friends.

WerkBench is a new kind of beatbox that is part loop pedal, part drum machine, and 100% beat-making magic. It’s powerful, easy to use, and there is nothing else like it. Get ready to be inspired!

WerkBench’s unique power comes from two live-sampling step sequencers. Each step in the sequence holds its own sample that can be recorded and manipulated in real-time.

You’ll be making beats and cool rhythms in seconds… and all of the sounds will be unique to you!

What’s New in Version 1.03

Added user-definable scales for the pitch knobs in fancy controls.

Big improvements to audio quality! PItches and echoes are now much more sublime.

WerkBench features:

–“Fancy Controls” (pitch, lowpass filters, envelopes, and more!)

–Edit pitch and levels independently for each step!

–Funky lo-fi tape echo for spacey effects with a sweet real-time visualizer.

–The two sequencers can be chained to make a 32 step sequencer!

–Save and load loops.

–Export loops and recordings via Audio Copy, iTunes file sharing, and email.

–MIDI sync and MIDI trigger modes.

–Custom scales (never play a wrong note!)

WerkBench is available for $6.99

Dingsaller Music Workstation For iPad
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Dingsaller Music Workstation For iPad

Dingsaller is a workspace for creating algorithmic compositions. Cool app for only $4.99

Patch together a complex graph of music generating nodes, synths, and effects and control them with a touch.

What’s new:

New RingMod Node
Tempo Increment Controls

Key Features:
– Synths and Sampler Instruments
– Digital Effects
– Pattern Sequencer
– Random Note Generators
– Touch and Tilt Controllers
– MIDI Input and Output
– Recording
– Audio Copy / Paste
Tim Bolstad Web SiteDingsaller Support
What’s New in Version 1.61

– Chord Node – Automatic chord and arpeggio generation.
– Note passing now handled on independent thread.
– Improved node sizing and layout.

Dingsaller is available for $4.99

Brainwave Sequencer For iPad
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Brainwave Sequencer For iPad

Brainwave is a clip based MIDI sequencer. Bring your melodies and drum beats into life with the streamlined and intuitive MIDI clip editor. Assemble and arrange entire songs with the Arrangement editor. Control up to 16 instruments using the built-in sampler. Use the built-in audio samples to quickly get up and running, or use your own samples for even more creative sounds. Then produce and export MIDI files to be imported to your favourite Digital Audio Workstation software. All this inside of an ergonomic and minimalist user interface that will help get your inspiration to fruition.

What’s new in version 1.3:

Compiled and tested for IOS 5.1
Added a new demo song (Struhkcher)

MIDI and Audio support

Now plays back in the background and mixes with other audio apps
Add support for program change, bank select per instrument
Properly support MIDI input for MIDI clock

New instrument capabilities

Added panning per instrument
Re-calibrated the audio engine volumes
Added new samples (drums, bass, pads and ProKeys 88)
Fixed existing sample to remove some clicks

Improved User Interface

Panning the timeline now scrubs the timeline
Removed unnecessary buttons (rew, ff, add, event info, song info)
Clip browser in the clip editor
Open Song info by touching the song name
UI revamp for the Mixer view and instrument editor
New help interface

Drive up to 16 instruments
* built-in sampler with 16 voices
* volume envelope
* loop points and loop modes (once, loop, ping pong)
* transpose offset to tune samples
* built-in samples or user samples, through iTunes sharing
* drum pad mode allowing for 16 individual samples to be mapped to drum pads
* mixer interface to solo/mute and adjust track volume

MIDI Clip Editor
* 16 ticks per beat
* up to 256 clips per song
* sequence melodies and beats in the clip editor
* sequence all instruments in the same clip
* fine control over note length and velocity per note or for a selection of notes
* copy a note sequence from one instrument to another
* make a copy of a MIDI clip to create new variations
* unlimited length
* looping mode to easily iterate on a clip

Song Arrangement
* quick start with built-in templates
* sequence and layer MIDI clips
* reorder clips to organize the visual layout

* export as multi-track MIDI file to your favourite DAW
* manage songs and samples via iTunes sharing
* email songs
* open songs from other applications

* Connect to coreMIDI network session

Brainwave is available for $19.99

StepPolyArp Arpeggiator For iPad
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StepPolyArp Arpeggiator For iPad

StepPolyArp is a Midi step polyphonic arpeggiator. The arpeggiator does not play any sound itself, it transmits Midi notes to a Mac or a PC to be used in combination with any sequencer, virtual instrument (VSTi, Audio Unit) or Midi synthesizer.

What’s New in Version 2.0

• New Midi engine improving accuracy
• Automatic chaining patterns
• Internal sound bank

The arpeggiator can transform chords into sequences of notes played one after the other in several ways. A matrix polyphonic step modulate arpeggiated notes in time and pitch. The main controllers (velocity, modulation, panning, volume, aftertouch, and pitch bend) are also programmable through a step editor. The integrated keyboard automatically adapts to the selected musical scale.


1 to 32 steps programmable matrix
16 patterns by preset
11 configurable transposition lines
Features copy and paste
8 octaves virtual keyboard
Receiving Midi notes and control from external devices
External Midi sync (Midi Clock)
Midi over wifi latency compensation
Internal routing of inputs, outputs and Midi sync
Send Midi to a virtual port that can be used as Midi input by other Core Midi compatible applications managing multitasking on the same device
Velocity, modulation, pan, volume, aftertouch and pitch bend step controller
Customizable step controller Midi datas
The arpeggiator and keyboard fit the selected scale
6 arpeggiator modes
1 random mode
1 chord mode
Unlimited number of saves
Random patterns creation
Presets manager
Presets shared between computer and iPad using iTunes 9.1 or later
128 Undo/Redo levels
Lockable keyboard (latch mode)
Notes repeating by Midi event
Adding Midi event “previous” and “last”
The number of the notes played can be used directly by a Midi event
A Midi event can be deleted by double tap
A new setting allows a “Program Change” received by Midi to change the pattern instantly without waiting for the end of the loop
Deleting a pattern is less sensitive to avoid accidental deletion

Supported Midi connections:

Midi Wifi Network (RTP Midi)
Apple USB camera connection kit
Any Core Midi compatible interface
Line 6 Midi Mobilizer (Midi sync not supported)
DSMidiWifi (Midi sync not supported)

StepPolyArp is available for $11.99

SampleLab For iPad
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SampleLab For iPad

Sample Lab is a full-featured sampler/sequencer made exclusively for iPad. With a professional set of features packed into a simple, multi-touch interface you can skip the learning curve and start making tracks within minutes.

• Record your own samples, or import wav & mp3 files using iTunes.

• Professional quality pitch-shifting preserves sample length and formants while giving you 2 full octaves from any sample; without chipmunking. Lock a sample to a tempo and change track tempo to time stretch/compress.

• Pinch-zoom precision sample editor lets you select your audio and drag it right onto a track.

• 8 stereo tracks @ 44.1kHz with per-beat volume, pan and pitch control.

• Per-beat cue and loop points allowing for unique new sounds and more flexibility composing.

• Copy/Pasteboard support for sharing audio with other apps.

• Mixdown to WAV & upload to SoundCloud.

• Audio Multitasking: Sample Lab will continue to play audio after you switch apps.

• Multi-touch trigger pads for tapping in patterns or stand alone performance.

• 4 real-time DSP FX: distortion, bit crusher, resonant cutoff, and reverb.

• Multi-touch sequencer lets you build a composition with ease.

• Virtual MIDI support lets you control other audio apps from Sample Lab.

• Shuffle control for simple syncopation.

• More than 100 samples included to get you started.

• Punch-in loopbox style recording on each track allowing for recording layers of loops live.

• MIDI Clock-sync output and Virtual MIDI output with per-track channel control. Send notes and clock signals to other supporting apps while multitasking.

• MIDI input support: trigger samples and record beats with a MIDI controller to get variable velocity and lower latency.

• Use MIDI to punch-in/out for pedalboard hands-free looping.

• Plug & play support for Akai LPD8 and Behringer FCB1010.

Sample Lab was made to fit into your live set. You can:
• Trigger samples or tap un-mute for percussive slam fading
• Slice up a beat
• Load a different composition or sample kit
• Control 8 FX parameters at once with X/Y axis controls
• Record and drop-in layers of beatbox or harmonizing vocals
…all without stopping the music.

SampleLab is available for .99 for a limited time

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