MultiTrack DAW For iPad
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MultiTrack Daw For iPad

The power of a digital audio workstation in the palm of your hand.

Release your creativity with up to 24 high quality audio tracks. Record multiple takes, harmonies, solos, and experiments. No more worrying about bouncing tracks – each instrument can have its own. More cowbell? No problem!

Build new songs just like in a real recording studio, with the monitoring and overdubbing capabilities of MultiTrack DAW. Move and trim audio until it’s perfect, and mix the sound until it’s just right. Share your creations with Wi-Fi, iTunes file sharing, email, and SoundCloud.

MultiTrack supports pasting from other apps, and copying to other apps, as well as uploading and downloading audio files using Wi-Fi. Or use iTunes File Sharing to transfer audio files or final mixes.


MultiTrack has a wide range of input capabilities, including the built-in mic, headset mics, doc connector mics, and on the iPad even USB mics and USB audio interfaces. Please see our support forum for a list of supported input devices.


File types for import include mp3, wav, aac, m4a, aif, and m4a. MultiTrack now offers five ways to get audio files in: Wi-Fi, Copy/Paste, Email, iTunes File Sharing, and iPod Library Access. And five ways to get audio files out: Wi-Fi, Copy/Paste, Email, iTunes File Sharing, and SoundCloud.

MultiTrack Daw Screenshot

MultiTrack Daw Screenshot

3.1.6 Updates:

24 bit recording capable! And 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96 kHz supported! New projects can now be created with 16 bit or 24 bit, and one of these sample rates. Use the Options menu from the song list screen to choose the format for a new song project. 24 bit projects will use 64 bits for internal signal processing. All imported/recorded audio will be converted to match the song project format, if needed. (**)

New “Open In…” button for Regions, Bins, and Mixdowns. This gives you another way to get audio out of MultiTrack and into another app, like DropBox or other sharing apps.

Improved background support, double tap the Home button for audio controls that can now be used to control MultiTrack.

Internal Dithering for all volume controls. Even when a project is set for 16 bit, 24 bit is requested from the audio hardware and then dithered, resulting in a cleaner signal than the default 16 bit non-dithered signal. (**)

Bit transparency. When volume faders are set to 0dB and FX off, there will be no signal processing, resulting in 100% clean signal transparency throughout the system from input to output (no losses or added distortion).

Song project folders are now unhidden in the Documents folder of iTunes File Sharing, for easy backup of songs. To Backup a song, drag the song out of the Documents folder. To restore a backed up project, zip it and and drag it back to the Documents folder.

Full support for zipping and unzipping a song project from within MultiTrack (Touch-hold a song icon to zip the song, tap a zipped song to unzip).

(**) requires iPhone 4, iPod touch 4th gen, iPad, or later, external audio hardware (see website for details)


– 8 stereo audio tracks, upgradable to 24
– 44.1kHz, 16 bit, CD quality sound for each track
– Non-linear, non-destructive editing using Regions and Bins
– Per track EQ (2 bands parametric, 2 bands shelving) (3GS or later)
– Per track Compressor (3GS or later)
– Sweet Reverb and Configurable stereo Delay available as bus effects (3GS or later)
– Multiple levels of Undo and Redo
– Grid View with Snap to easily align regions

– Metronome adjustable from 40 to 240 BPM
– Time Signatures (2/2, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 7/4, 6/8, 7/8, 9/8, and 12/8)
– Ruler showing bars/beats/divisions/ticks or timecode
– Individual controls for volume, pan, mute and solo
– Volume fader has +12db of gain boost

– Fade in and out per region (editable fade points)
– Input selection allows spitting stereo input onto 2 mono tracks
– Ability to monitor the input signal with effects

– Opens email attachments or audio on web pages (mp3, m4a, AAC, wav, aif, ogg)

– Bounce Regions using multi-region copy and paste
– Looping with the Loop Markers

– Hotbox popup control with context sensitive buttons
– Hotbox Buttons: Edit, Name, Slice, Move, Copy, Paste, Erase, and open the Bin Browser
– Bin Browser allows preview of audio files in the song

– Snap – snaps the Timebar to Ruler lines
– Punch – automatically starts and stops recording at precise times
– Input Monitor – software monitoring of input signal with low latency
– Auto Input – allows monitoring the track underneath until punch points
– Undo and Redo of 30 operations

More Features:
– Beautifully rendered waveforms at multiple zoom levels
– Low latency VU meters for each track
– 32 bit / 64 bit audio processing
– Multi-touch pinch/zoom support
– Unified Copy/Paste system means internal copying works in other apps
– Latency compensation with selectable buffer sizes (in Settings app)
– Recorded material perfectly synced with other tracks
– Fades use quadratic interpolation in db space

– Native iPad support (landscape and portrait, up to 11 tracks visible)
– iPad USB Audio using Camera Connection Kit

– Wav, Ogg, and m4a compression for Wi-Fi download, mixdown, email attachments, and SoundCloud upload Updates:

Record up to 8 tracks simultaneously on iPad with supported hardware! See forum.harmonicdog.com for details!

Bugfix for SoundCloud and mixdown.

3.1.2 Updates:

Reverb – A sweet and configurable reverb has been added as a bus effect. It consists of 16 comb filters and 8 allpass filters and is hand optimized in assembly for Arm NEON (3GS and later).

Stereo Delay – A highly flexible stereo delay with independent left and right controls, swing parameters and tempo synchronization.

Master FX: The same EQ and Compression available on each track is now available as a Master effect, for mastering of a final mixdown.

Ability to re-order master & bus effects (drag the tabs left/right).

All signal paths have been hand optimized in assembly for Arm NEON (3GS and later), using 32 bit floating point precision.

These are free updates, no in-app purchase required. Thank you for being a MultiTrack customer.

MultiTrack DAW is available for $9.99

Meteor Multi-Track For iPad
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Meteor Multi-Track For iPad

Meteor is a digital multi-track recorder designed specifically for the iPad. The program features up to 12 tracks of high quality Stereo, Mono and MIDI audio, a built in mixer and multi-effects processor. Meteor is ideally suited for creating musical compositions, and also a great tool for journalists and business people who need to splice and piece together voice notes, narration or dictation. Compositions once mixed can be exported to standard file formats for use on your desktop PC or MAC.

What’s New in Version 1.33
Increased drum machine polyphony.

What’s New in Version 1.32
Added new DropBox SDK with integrated login.

Meteor includes a fully featured sound editor allowing recordings and Stereo Sounds from other Apps to be trimmed or spliced together. You can apply various effects to your recordings either directly, as part of the recording process or in real time during playback. Editor features include cut, copy, paste, fade in/out. clear, reverse, gain, normalize, remove DC offset, time stretch and pitch shift. Effects include digital delay, chorus / flanger, reverb, graphic equalizer, noise gate, tremelo, tone boost, compressor (with side chaining) and distortion.

The Mixer and effect levels can be fully automated using definable controller tracks. An integrated metronome with count-in helps you record your masterpiece, and If 12 tracks isn’t enough there is a full stereo mixdown facility.

Meteor records Mono or Stereo Audio as well as MIDI tracks. The MIDI Editor available through In-App purchase allows full editing of MIDI Note and Controllers as well as Scrubbing, Step Recordings and In-Place Editing of MIDI Parts.

Meteor adds Dropbox support, enabling you to quickly and easily sync your files with your iPad, Mac and PC, whether you want to backup your files or work collaboratively Dropbox makes this quick and easy.

•Key Features:
•Record up to12 tracks of CD quality audio
•CoreMidi Compatible.
•Multi-Effects Processor
•Integrated 12 channel Mixer
•Midi Editor
•Virtual Instruments
•Background Multi Tasking
•Sound Cloud
•Sonoma Pasteboard
•Import, Export, Email Midi Files
•The ability to Record & Play Midi Tracks and Sync with External Hardware using MIDI Clock.
•Integrated Sample Editor
•The ability to split incoming stereo tracks into two mono tracks.
•Stereo Recording and Stereo Tracks complete with Pure Stereo Imports.
•Insert Stereo Effects and Stereo Channels
•3 Global Send Effect Busses
•Insert Effects with freeze facility to reduce CPU load.
•Record Effects & Record Monitor
•Mixer and Effect Automation
•PasteBoard Support
•Supports iRig/Ampkit and ios 4.2 supported USB Adapters
•Bounce Facility
•Import samples and iPod songs.
•Export to compressed CAF and WAV formats
•Automatic Delay Compensation
•In-App Purchases through the Online Shop found in the Help Menu Compressor (for side chaining)

Meteor is available for $19.99

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