ChordUp iPad and iPhone Midi Controller
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ChordUp iPad and iPhone MIDI controller

ChordUp is a midi controller app that makes playing chords and melodies simple.

Play instantly any of 108 available chords with no pre-configuration.
Play easily any chord pattern: bass and chord, strumming, arpeggios, power chords, etc.
Play your favorite synth or sampler with MIDI mode.

ChordUp iPad Screen


– 108 available chords (9 chord types for each of the 12 keys).
– 4 octaves range for a selected chord without using octave shift buttons.
– 8 octaves range with octave shift buttons.
– 9 embedded instruments.
– Smart sustain. With the sustain enabled, when you switch chords, only the notes of the current chord that don’t belong to the next chord are muted.
– Adjustable buttons on iPad.
– Virtual MIDI and Wi-Fi MIDI support.


iOS MIDI clock sync generator and monitor
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Midibus iOS MIDI clock sync generator and monitor

MidiBus is a MIDI clock sync generator and monitor. Now it may not be much to look at really but hey it is a utility and is does exactly what it is supposed to do and that is to function as a MIDI clock sync master device.

Choose your bpm, time signature and MIDI destinations. Press the play button and all selected apps and devices will receive a synchronised, rock-solid MIDI sync clock source.

On the flipside, monitor the MIDI clock signals of apps and devices (including MidiBus itself) and measure how accurate and stable they really are. You might be very surprised at the results.

Midibus Screen Shot

What’s New in Version 1.5
– MIDI controlled Tap Tempo (via MIDI learn)

“A new feature that allows you to use an external MIDI controller to ‘tap’ the tempo even while the clock is running.
It works by ‘learning’ the event you wish to use to set the tempo. Here’s how to do it:
1. Make sure that the controller you want to use is being monitored. On the Monitor panel in the app check that the connected controller (can be another app, hardware or wifi/bluetooth port) has a blue arrow/clock icon (not red X).
2. Flip to the Transport panel and press the ‘bpm’ field to expand the Tap Tempo controls.
3. Slide the ‘learn’ switch to ‘On’ and generate your external MIDI event that you wish to use to control the tempo. The event must be either a note, controller (value > 0) or a program change. Once the learn function has seen one of these events it remembers that event as the tap tempo trigger (hex value of learnt event shown in the textfield) and automatically switches out of learn mode.
Subsequent taps of the learn event will set the tempo of the clock signal. You can do this while the clock is running (this applies to the ‘Tap Tempo’ button in the app too in this release. The learnt event is channelised in that subsequent events must be on the same channel as the learnt event to trigger the tempo adjustment. Regards, Nic.”

– Tap Tempo now also adjusts BPM while clock is running
– Support for forthcoming companion app
– Minor fixes, MidiBus library 1.35 update


Stompwatch MIDI Remote For iPhone and Apple Watch
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Stompwatch is a virtual MIDI pedal board, designed to control both apps and MIDI hardware, using the screen, a Bluetooth keyboard, the Audiobus Remote app, or the Apple Watch. It is easy to configure and versatile.

The app features ten pages, each with ten pads. Each page can be configured to send MIDI to any number of destinations, while each pad can be configured to send a MIDI note, a chord, or either program change or control change messages. Toggle swiftly from one page to another, to control and configure all of your MIDI gear.

With MIDI over Bluetooth, you can use your iPhone to control an iPad. Use your Apple Watch to select different presets on a guitar effects app. With Audiobus Remote, you can control both MIDI gear and Audiobus controls in one location. Use the pads to trigger drum samples or play synthesizers. With MIDI, you can do almost anything.

Stompwatch supports conventional Bluetooth keyboards — if the app is in the foreground, you can trigger pads by typing on the keyboard.

Get Stompwatch for $4.99

Arpeggionome Arpeggiator For iPhone
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Arpeggionome For iPhone

Introductory Sale — Only $0.99 through May 31!

A New Musical Instrument for Controlling Arpeggios with the Touch of a Finger.

Arpeggionome for iPhone transforms your iPhone into a new and expressive musical instrument. Design intricate patterns of musical notes, then trigger those patterns at different pitches and speeds with an x-y matrix. Tilt the iPhone for accelerometer-controlled pitchbend and volume, and with the MIDI Upgrade in-app purchase, control other iOS MIDI apps, external MIDI gear, and computer software like never before.

• Move up-and-down the matrix to set the pattern’s rate
• Move left-and-right to set the pattern’s starting-note.

• Tilt the iPhone forward-and-back to control volume.
• Tilt the iPhone left-and-right to control pitchbend

• Fifteen pattern-parameters accessed on one page of touch-knobs
• Parameters include Key, Scale, Number of Notes, Step Distance, Notes Style, Alignment, Octave Range, Octave Style, Rates, Octave Offset, Note Offset, Velocity, Gate, and Tempo.

• Includes a Pattern Library with a wide selection of presets.
• Save and recall your own patterns.
• 8 pattern-buttons and 2 arrow-buttons provide quick access to the Pattern Library, enabling you to change and save patterns on the fly.

• $4.99 In-App purchase required
• Control other iOS MIDI Applications (such as GarageBand, Animoog, Magellan Jr., and FunkBox).
• Control external MIDI devices (such hardware synthesizers, drum machines, and sound modules).
• Control computer software (such as Ableton Live, Logic, and Pro Tools)
• Send MIDI through Virtual MIDI, CoreMIDI hardware interfaces, or over WiFi or Bluetooth.

• A simple built-in synthesizer.
• Beautiful and informative visual feedback.
• Integrated documentation for every parameter and setting.
• Backup, restore, and transfer patterns between devices via iTunes File Sharing.

Arpeggionome for iPhone is available for $0.99 for a limited time

Update: StepPolyArp v2.1 Adds Audiobus
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StepPolyArp Arpeggiator For iPad

StepPolyArp is a real-time Midi arpeggiator to control Midi instruments, sequencers like Logic, Cubase, Live, and all other Midi sequencers, or even other virtual instruments installed on the same iPad. The arpeggiator can automatically generate melodic patterns from notes or chords played in real time.

What’s New in Version 2.1

• Audiobus support


• 1 to 32 steps programmable matrix
• 16 patterns by preset
• Automatic chaining patterns
• 11 configurable transposition lines
• Features copy and paste
• 8 octaves virtual keyboard
• Multitasking
• Internal sound bank
• Tap tempo
• Receiving Midi notes and control from external devices
• External Midi sync (Midi Clock)
• Midi over wifi latency compensation
• Internal routing of inputs, outputs and Midi sync
• Send Midi to a virtual port that can be used as Midi input by other Core Midi compatible applications managing multitasking on the same device
• Velocity, modulation, pan, volume, aftertouch and pitch bend step controller
• Customizable step controller Midi datas
• The arpeggiator and keyboard fit the selected scale
• 6 arpeggiator modes
• 1 random mode
• 1 chord mode
• Unlimited number of saves
• Random patterns creation
• Presets manager
• Presets shared between computer and iPad using iTunes 9.1 or later
• 128 Undo/Redo levels
• Lockable keyboard (latch mode)

StepPolyArp is available for $11.99.


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