Loops For Retronyms Hook Dark Trap Bass
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Loops For Retronyms Hook

Hey viewers! I made a couple loops for Retronyms Hook. 40 loops to be exact for Dark Trap Bass music. I also created a demonstration video. Check it out!


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LoopTree Looper App For iOS
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The iPad Loops music apps blog is proud to announce news about LoopTree by Coding Cod Ltd

LoopTree is an exciting new breed of looper that brings more fun than ever to creating live music! Record and group practically unlimited vocal and instrumental loops using a powerful, layered interface that gives you unrivaled control over the music you create. Get your creative juices flowing and evolve your loops using the built-in filter and multi-touch beat repeat.

LoopTree solves the problem of destructive merging by instead combining your loops into layers. You retain individual control over your original loops and you can also control them as one using the new layer.



• Audiobus Remote
• Audiobus triggers
• Unlimited number of loops (practically!)
• Non-destructive layering
• Beat repeat – sample, repeat and reverse loops
• Filter – add variety with an LPF, BPF and HPF


• Normal recording – fixed or multiple length loops
• Chained recording – select multiple tracks to record loops back-to-back
• Layered recording – equivalent of non-destructive overdubbing


Within a session, all loops are a 2^n multiple of the shortest loop (2x, 4x, 8x, etc). This makes it really easy to set the loop length whilst recording.


• One-finger volume/pan control on individual or simultaneous loops
• Group control – group tracks into layers; parent tracks control all layers of child tracks.
• MIDI Control
• Quantize options
• Metronome – create custom accented rhythms


• Support for IAA, Audiobus, Audiobus Remote
• AudioCopy – copy session recordings and combined loops
• AudioPaste – start your session with pasted audio
• Share sessions and recordings via email, iTunes and SoundCloud


LoopTree works well with headphones, but for truly outstanding quality, we recommend using a USB audio interface. We have tested the following interfaces:

• Behringer UCA222 and 202
• Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 (includes MIDI)


Devo App For iOS DevoBots
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DevoBots Devo App

Make Music with Devo. Special release price for a short time only! Authorized DEVO Synthesizer and Robot Avatar Maker App, DEVOBOTS is finally HERE.

We made our own iPadLoops.com DevoBot check him out.


DEVO Synthesizer featuring unreleased DEVO sounds coupled with a powerful Devo Robot Maker:

Kit Robot has been working in collaboration with pop icons DEVO for the last year to bring you this exclusive App featuring unreleased Sound Loops from the 1980s Devo Archives, allowing you to play and mix your own music using our unique DevoBots loop synthesizer. Inspired by analogue synths and toy organs from the 1970s, we bring you a toy sound device reminiscent of DEVOs own synths utilizing their very own sound.

“Wether you are into Devo or not this App will capture your imagination and bring out the child in you!”

DevoBots also includes our Kit Robot Avatar engine combined with unique DEVO color form assets, enabling you to create your very own DevoBot Army!

This is the first ever App utilizing one of the most influential bands of the last 40 years, making this the must have No 1 DEVO App.

A 2 in 1 App.

DevoBots is a digital robot assembly kit, like a digital Lego or Mr Potato Head. The user can create millions of robots out of the box using assets to build your very own DevoBot, mimicking the bands outfits and personas from the past 40 years. DevoBots is also a music synthesizer to use as a unique sound generator for your recordings, or live in a professional setting, by manipulating the sound in realtime to achieve unique music.

New Assets and Sound packs will become available through In App Downloads making the app ever evolving and modular.


• Play with DEVO competition. Create a track to be featured by DEVO in an up coming release or promo.

• Hi Resolution Retina screen interface

• 2 in 1 app, DEVO Synthesizer and DEVO Robot assembly Kit

• Original DEVO music loops from the 1980’s

• Create and manipulate music in realtime using our unique DevoBot effects pad

• Sample your own sounds and music with the onboard sampler

• Expand the synthesizer by collecting NEW DEVO sound banks as they become available.

• Including over 10,000 professionally designed assets inspired by the evolution of DEVO

• Collect new DevoBot asset packs as they become available

• Output over 1 million DevoBot designs for your profile on Facebook, Twitter etc,

• create desktop images, posters, Tee shirts using Hi Res Retina output.

• Use your own background to display your DevoBot

• Use the camera to turn your friends and family into DevoBots

• Share your designs easily with friends online

Kit Robot are proud to be working with DEVO to bring you this unique music and creation Toy.

DevoBots is available for free for a limited time

Dubstep Loops For iPad iPhone iPod Touch Apps
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Dubstep loops for iPad iPhone iPod Touch

Soundtrack Loops announces Dubstep loops and samples formatted specifically for Looptastic, Meta.Dj, NanoStudio, Garageband, and Beatmaker apps

Each of the four loop pack construction kits comes with ten loops. You’ll get drums, basses, SFX, hi hats, and more. Formats include “.loop” for all Sound Trends Apps (Looptasic,Meta.DJ,StudioHD), “.bmkz” for Intua Beatmaker, and “.trg” for NanoStudio TRG-16 drum pads.

The Garageband pack is much larger and it includes a lot more loops and samples therefore the price is $22

Wicked Drops for iOS is available on iPad Producers webiste for $3.99 (TRG-16, Beatmaker, Soundtrends) and $22 (Garageband) HERE http://ipadproducers.com/store/beatmaker-beat-packs/wicked-drops-dubstep-kits/

ChipPad Looping App For iPad
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ChipPad Looping App For iPad


chipPad is a multi-track sample and loop playback and performance application.

It is made for the musician who creates loop-based music and is looking to experiment with on-the-fly arrangements or to glitch it up a notch. This application does not make music for you – you need to provide the clips that you create with your other instruments.

By adding your own pre-cut loops on up to 8 tracks you can perform using various “grid-based” controller techniques and develop new ones that are only capable on a multi-touch device.

Sliding one or multiple fingers back and forth on various tracks or tapping rhythms like on a drum machine can yield some amazing results you can’t hear elsewhere.

chipPad comes with a few sample sessions to get you started. Simply select Help from the Gear menu to get started or load your own AIF or WAV audio files into the app using File Sharing via iTunes.


8 stereo tracks · AIF/WAV support · up to 128 steps per track · saves sessions and loads them quickly · quarter/half/double speed · 4 mute groups · bit mode · loop mode · reverse · per track volume faders · per track mute & solo · microfades · optional track display · master volume fader · scenes · multi-touch · portrait or landscape · practically zero latency · built-in help and sample sessions · made for musicians who create their own music · supports audio files of practically any length · manage audio files using file sharing via iTunes · load audio, create some sessions, take it with you and jam on the commute · amazing performance feel

ChipPad is available for $0.99 for a limited time.


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