Free Multitrack Recorder For iPhone & iPod
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studio.m Free Studio For iPhone

studio.M – the FREE New Music Creation App!
Just in time for that 4th of July jam session, vacation to Europe or holiday trip to the country with your acoustic guitar.
Sound Trends has just shipped studio.M, the new, multitrack music creation app for mobile producers and songwriters on the go.

4-tracks of CD audio quality playback (with recording one-track-at-a-time)
Streaming recording/playback engine for long recording times limited only by storage
Automated mixing and effects
Effects (Compressor, Reverb, Pan and Low Pass Filter)
Loop library spanning popular music styles (including Pop, Funk, Industrial, Hip Hop, Trance, Reggaeton, House, etc.) Many of these loops were produced by Jason Donnelly (Dj Puzzle)
In-app MX upgrade for MORE tracks, effects and loops!

The “MX” in-app upgrade adds:
4-more tracks (8 total)
More effects (Delay, Flanger, Gate, Stutter, BitCrusher and Glitchy Repeater)
130 more loops arranged in loop construction kits called “Loop Sets”
Plus you get the in-app Loop Store offering 100’s of loops arranged in Loop Sets by both large 3rd parties (like Beatport, Sonic Reality, etc.) and indie producers.
This holiday go record some fireworks!
studio.M requires iPhone or iPod touch on iOS 4 or above. It will also run on iPad in 2x mode.


Yamaha iOS Midi Interface For iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
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Yamaha i-MX1 Midi Interface

The i-MX1 by Yamaha was just recently announced. It is not yet available but we have some info here from Yamaha.

Yamaha introduces the i-MX1 on the Frankfurter Music fair – a MIDI interface that‘s connected to the Apple iPad and thus offering vast possibilities to control MIDI equipment.

The Apple iPad has proven itself as a very handy tool, combining a very nice touch panel with a reasonable size. It has sold in large quantities. On Winter NAMM 2011 Yamaha introduced a series of Apps that will allow a wireless controlling of the MOTIF XF Music Production Synthesizer.

To be able to control synthesizers that won‘t allow a wireless connection to the iPad, Yamaha now presents a MIDI interface that‘s connected to the iPad.

In a small, black device the i-MX1 carries the needed electronics and two connectors for the included adapter cables which represent the MIDI input and output (with the well known 16 MIDI channels each).

It does not just connect to the iPad, but to the iPhone and the iPod Touch, too. Since these devices are much smaller, they are even more handy controllers.

The i-MX1 is compatible to the drivers provided by the iPad-OS (iOS, Core MIDI), there‘s no need for special drivers. So even thirdparty applications that are using the iOS drivers can use the i-MX1 as MIDI-Interface.

The i-MX1 will help the iPad to continue its triumphal procession to the shores of ‘old school’ MIDI.

BUY Yamaha I-MX1 MIDI Interface Cable

Crystal Synth XT For iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
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Crystal Synth iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Crystal XT Synthesizer for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

Crystal XT is a full featured semi-modular synthesizer, ideally suited to creating lush evolving soundscapes. Crystal VST has long been a popular synthesizer on the desktop. Crystal XT brings that same powerful synthesis engine to the iPad and iPhone. Crystal XT features MIDI keyboard input via the iPad’s camera adapter or any CoreMIDI-compatible MIDI interface such as the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer and sharing of sounds with the desktop version of Crystal.

What’s New in Version 1.6

Multitasking – Use the Settings app to turn on the CrystalSynthXT Background Audio mode if you’d like Crystal to play audio when in the background, for example to play from a virtual midi controller app.

Note on Virtual MIDI: While this version works with controller apps like StepPolyArp and Genome, we’ve learned there are other controller apps with which it is incompatible. We will have an update with wider compatibility in just a few days.

Positive reviews are always welcome and encourage us to provide updates!

Browse through the included sounds and use the 2 octave keypad to trigger notes to produce evolving, rhythmic, or melodic sounds. Create your own sounds with a single button press using the breed feature. When using an iPad, you can delve into a tweaker’s dream by using the extensive editing features to sculpt sounds to your heart’s content (editing features are only available when used on an iPad).

Crystal features both subtractive synthesis and frequency modulation (FM) synthesis. It offers abundant modulation control with over 90 parameters which may be modulated, multi-stage envelopes with graphical editors, extensive tempo sync of envelopes/lfo rates/delay times, built-in effects for chorus/flanging/comb filtering/echoes, and a band splitter for effects processing by frequency band. Not only that, Crystal has wave sequencing and granular synthesis. The musical applications for Crystal are literally boundless.

With MIDI keyboard input, you can connect a MIDI keyboard to your iPad and play Crystal XT like a hardware synth. Or use a CoreMIDI-compatible MIDI interface such as the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer and connect your MIDI keyboard to Crystal XT on an iPhone.

With patch sharing you can create sounds on your iPad or iPhone while away from the studio, then transfer them to the desktop Crystal when you get back to the studio to use in recording projects. Or, create banks of sounds on the desktop Crystal, then transfer them to the iPad/iPhone Crystal to use in a live performance for a truly portable rig. Use Audio copy/paste to record your performance on Crystal and transfer that performance to another app.

If you don’t need all the features of Crystal XT, try the basic version of Crystal, also available in the app store from Green Oak Software. With the basic version you can browse sounds, play notes, and create new sounds, taking advantage of its powerful semimodular synthesis engine. Crystal XT adds MIDI keyboard input via the iPad’s camera adapter and sharing of patches with the desktop version. Choose the app that is best for you!

Important note for iPhone and iPodTouch users: Crystal XT runs on both the iPad and the iPhone/iPod Touch. Because of the limited screen space on the iPhone however, the editing pages, which contain the edit controls, are not available when running on that device. But on the iPhone you can still browse sounds, play notes from the keypad, create new sounds with the Breed feature, modify patches with the Design feature, and share sounds with desktop Crystal VST.

Crystal Synth is available for $4.99

Peter Vogel CMI Fairlight iPad App
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Fairlight for iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Travel back in time to the dawn of electronic music with this strange retro app – a MIDI player preloaded with 500+ legendary Fairlight Computer Musical Instrument sounds.

The first byte-perfect re-issue of the classic CMI sounds of the 80s, immortalized by artists including Alan Parsons, Jean Michel Jarre, Trevor Horn, Thomas Dolby, Brian Eno, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder and so many more.

This app includes a play-only demo of the famous ‘Page R’, which was the world’s first screen-based rhythm sequencer. Today every sampler, digital synthesiser, sequencer and audio workstation can trace its lineage back to this legendary machine.

Now you can have, in your pocket or on your iPad, a piece of history developed by Fairlight staff who worked on the CMI in the ’80s. 


- browse and play the entire original Fairlight CMI IIX Sounds floppy disk library

– 564 voices imported digitally.

– play the CMI voices from an external MIDI input (supports Core Midi, Line6 MidiMobilizer or Akai SynthStation), or use the on-screen keyboard

– display voices graphically using the iconic Page D, and change your viewpoint by tilting your iPhone/iPad.

– play built-in CMI Page R compositions or import and play compositions sent to you by others. 

– authentic CMI user interface experience, including floppy disk quirks. 


Use the in-App upgrade process to add “pro” features for an additional $39.99. Vogel CMI Pro App includes CMI III voices, the ability to compose 8 track songs using the Page R pattern sequencer, sampling your own voices from the microphone or line in and much more. See the “Vogel CMI Pro” app description for details.


I would have never dreamt in a million years to own a Fairlight. It is the stuff of legends! Beyond any ordinary man’s budget! And for this day to come a reality for a mere $10!! I am in awe and shock! I cannot emphasize how thankful I am to you for releasing this Iconic and Legendary instrument as an iPhone application!! (Imad Hamadieh, Dubai, UAE)

When I saw it yesterday and found out about it, I just about fainted!!
Very nice app! A complete revival / reissue of the best computer musical instrument ever in a tiny but very useful format. It is a joy to see an epic piece of synthesizer/sampling history as an app for the millions. Finally you can take your Fairlight wherever you are! A Fairlight to go-go-go! (Freek Roffel, Netherlands)

Again I would like to take a moment and extend a huge THANK YOU to the entire Fairlight team. … You have taken the time and patience to create an affordable solution for the masses. … You have given us a gift. I am truly excited to see what users will do with this App to change the future of music once again. Sincerely, thank you. (Zacharia Malakai, USA) 

All I can say is WOW!! I have put this thru my BIG speakers in my studio and put a little reverb on and the sound is stunning – SO what am I going to do with my Fairlight CMI-IIx now?? (Howard J Smith, USA)


This App will work on any device running iOS 5 or later. However, if you want to use Audiobus or do heavy performance and composing work with the Pro upgrade, we recommend a minimum of iPod Touch 4G, iPhone 4 or iPad 2.

Peter Vogel CMI is available for $9.99

AmpKit LiNK Guitar Interface For iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch
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Peavey AmpKit LiNK

If you want to plug in your guitar, AmpKit LiNK is the perfect solution!

* High fidelity guitar adapter for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
* “The Low Crosstalk Interface” – critical for high-gain playing
* Perfect companion for GarageBand, AmpKit, and other apps
* 14″ cable designed specifically for use with iPad and iPad 2
* Works with all iPad / iPhone / iPod touch models*
* Only US$29.99 – in stock today at music retailers worldwide

*Except first-generation iPod touch

BUY Peavey 03017460 AmpKit LiNK II Guitar Interface

AmpKit for iOS


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