Dubstep Loops For iPad iPhone iPod Touch Apps
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Dubstep loops for iPad iPhone iPod Touch

Soundtrack Loops announces Dubstep loops and samples formatted specifically for Looptastic, Meta.Dj, NanoStudio, Garageband, and Beatmaker apps

Each of the four loop pack construction kits comes with ten loops. You’ll get drums, basses, SFX, hi hats, and more. Formats include “.loop” for all Sound Trends Apps (Looptasic,Meta.DJ,StudioHD), “.bmkz” for Intua Beatmaker, and “.trg” for NanoStudio TRG-16 drum pads.

The Garageband pack is much larger and it includes a lot more loops and samples therefore the price is $22

Wicked Drops for iOS is available on iPad Producers webiste for $3.99 (TRG-16, Beatmaker, Soundtrends) and $22 (Garageband) HERE http://ipadproducers.com/store/beatmaker-beat-packs/wicked-drops-dubstep-kits/

Wired Midi Controller Apps
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LiveRig Midi Controller For iPad

Are you looking for an affordable (one of the most expensive ones being Lemur) app that supports connecting your iPad directly into your DAW via midi (not JUST over wifi) and send midi messages?

We are stoked to put LiveRig to the test. Here’s what they have to say:

“Musicians, now you can turn your iPad into a clean, small, sophisticated midi controller that remotely manipulates your DAW, your plug-ins, any sounds or effects on your computer while you play, without having your computer in front of you, AND without the pesky and troublesome wires. It is quickly customizable, so you can change your controller’s functions to meet the needs of the moment, and to adapt to whatever hardware rig you’re using. Plus, it’s able to be used wirelessly, or wired, or both, depending on what you need — live performance, studio recording, audio engineering, composing — the list goes on.

LiveRig Midi Controller For iPad

LiveRig Midi Controller For iPad

• A way to control the sounds in your computer, as you play, without having your computer in front of you, without wires, without a router, and without having to purchase a hardware module.

Which means:
• A cleaner live performance setup without a computer in front of you taking center stage.
• Ability to command computer sounds, effects, and parameters from afar, without the cables.
• No more struggling with a laptop trying to press a key or work the trackpad while you play.
• Switch sounds while playing live, add reverb, do a quick EQ, start a backing track playing from the front of the stage, with your big clunky laptop tucked away back stage.
• Start and stop the DAW from wherever you’re recording, switch recording tracks, solo/mute tracks, etc., without running back to the board.

Now the iPad can function the same way a hardware controller would, except it IS the hardware controller, and it IS wireless, so you can “cut the cord” from using ordinary controllers that require cables to connect to your computer, AND you can completely customize your controller’s function for the needs of the moment.

For all the MIDI details visit www.PullRibbon.com

Observes the MIDI Specification using conventional messages.
• Built for Core MIDI and Multi-Core devices.
• Knobs, Encoders, Faders & Buttons send and receive MIDI Control Change messages.
• MIDI Machine Code and Control Change messages can be configured for transport controls.
• Incoming MIDI Time Code is displayed on the main LCD in realtime.
• Send Track Record Enable messages for managing up to 24 tracks.

Transform that USB MIDI Device into a Wireless MIDI Device.
• Works perfect with the Camera Connection Kit.
• With iRig MIDI, control any MIDI Device while making it wireless enabled.
• Connect your MIDI device and send MIDI to any device that supports Core MIDI.
• Using the Camera Connection Kit, send your MIDI Keyboard to your iPhone!
• No router on stage? Use your Mac to create a wireless network without one.”

LiveRig gives you the power to configure Core MIDI the way you need it.

• Use the built in controls to send messages to other devices on the wireless network.
Send messages to a wired MIDI device using the Camera Connection Kit, iRig MIDI from IK Multimedia, or other Core MIDI capable interface.
• Manipulate the cables within LiveRig to route messages to other Core MIDI enabled apps.
• Control Mac apps like Logic, MainStage, and even GarageBand by installing MainStage GarageBand Controller that utilizes AppleScript.

LiveRig is available for $14.99

Concerto For iPad By Ned McGowan
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Concerto For iPad By Ned McGowan

Composer and director Ned McGowan composes the first concerto for iPad in Orchestra. This is his attempt to prove that the iPad is a new and unique instrument that is unlike any other. There are also live visuals tied into the performance as well.

Here is quick peak at his concert. The premiere will take place on the 1st of June in the Doelen in Rotterdam, performed by the Sinfonia Rotterdam conducted by Conrad van Alphen with Keiko Shichijo as iPad soloist.

Performed by Keiko Shichijo on the iPad with the Sinfonia Rotterdam, conducted by Conrad van Alphen. This work is the 2nd in the Rotterdam Concerto series initiated by the Doelen and Sinfonia Rotterdam.

The app used in this concert is Geo Synthesizer by Jordan Rudess.

Geo Sythesizer is available for $9.99

Free Cubase Template For TouchOsc
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Free Cubase Template For TouchOSC

NOIZEKONTROL presents an optimized TouchOSC template for controlling Steinberg Cubase 5 with an iPad.

Download the template here http://www.noizefield.com/wp/?p=2534

Get TouchOSC here

Monome Inspired TouchOSC Template On iPad
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Monome TouchOSC Template On iPad

This is a demo of TouchMonome, a monome emulator for the Apple iPad.

At this point, using TouchMonome is not as simple as installing an iPad app. It requires TouchOSC, Max For Live & Ableton Live 8.

Download template and installation instructions here http://post.monome.org/comments.php?DiscussionID=7921

Get TouchOsc here

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