S709 Synth For iOS
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S709 Synth For iOS

S.709 is a synthesizer that uses four multitouch points on the screen and the accelerometer to give a large amount of control over a sine wave output. It’s good for creating strange noises and sound design.


Orange – Volume and Pitch (radius control pitch range)
Pink – Ramp speed and note length
Blue – Delay Length and Pitch (hold down for delay)
Green – Delay Filter and Feedback

Accelerometer controls pitch and wave shape.

S.709 is available for $1.99

Sketch Synth 2 iPad App
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Sketch Synth 2 is here to solve one problem, how do I go from having a bunch of loops that sound good to creating an arrangement that arranges these loops. The app ships with several preset instruments so you can get going straight away and understand how the sequenced XY pads control the arrangement of the sounds; but the most important aspect of the app is to be able to create your own pad based instrument with your own loops.

You can use audio copy and paste to copy in loops from other apps, but the app was designed with it in mind to take loops from a DAW on your main computer via iTunes file sharing not another iPad app. Once you’ve loaded the samples into the app in Blueprint mode then you can configure the background and assign loops and FX to every pad on screen and start arranging.

All XY pads are rapidly reconfigurable and you can quick fade sounds in and out to understand when and where you should be bringing your loops in and how fast they should come in. Once you have worked out how everything works together then you can record in Sketch Synth, but really you should be going back to your DAW and building the stems properly.

1.2.1 Update
A few thoughts: A shortcoming of the current version is the lack of recording level monitoring, mute and solo buttons. Midi is a key feature also. I would also like to be able to bypass fx processing on some channels, so for instance you may want a tiny bit of reverb on the drums here and there, but not on the bass.

Sketch Sound 2 is available for $3.99

Ondes Martenot For iPad
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Ondes Martenot For iPad

Do you know Ondes Martenot? “Petites Ondes” is the world’s first iPad application that reproduces the classical electronic musical instrument Ondes Martenot. You can play it casually during a break for coffee. Thanks to @skipnotestudio for this cool iPad instrument replica. We love the sound and features on this app. Maybe he will send us one for free! Anyway I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

1. Touche (for dynamics control)
2. Playing with keyboard (Clavier)
3. Playing with ring (Bague)
4. Keyboard vibrating
5. Manual vibrato (using accelerometer)
4. timbres select (8, N, C, O, g, G)
5. trill buttons (minor 2nd, major 3rd, and 5th with just intonation)
6. Reverb effect
7. Pitch correction function
8. Help function

For expressive playing, put iPad on your knee.

You might find it difficult to play at first because you may not have experience playing the real Ondes Martenot. Don’t be discouraged, a little practice will make you an Ondist!

Ondes Martenot can play a single tone. Right hand: to control the pitch. Left hand: to control dynamics. To produce a sound, you have to touch the “touche”(for control dynamics). But, you can control dynamics with it’s touch pressure sensor. This method is used to simulate the real “touche”. Let’s try it with help function is ON.

Petites Ondes is available for $2.99

Orphion iPad App
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Orphion iPad App

Orphion by Bastus Trump is a musical instrument with a unique sound between string instrument and percussion. Everyone can play expressive, wonderful sounds and easy or virtuosic melodies on it just by moving fingers on virtual pads.

We love this instrument. So cool. Great for Deep House, IDM, Ambient, and whatever!

What’s New in Version 1.2
– Record and share via EMail, AudioCopy or upload to Sound Cloud
– 2 new padlayouts (Wholetones, Octave shell)
– MIDI support
– 3 new pad layouts (harmonic minor, chromatic columns, lydian mood)
– High resolution graphics for the new iPad

What can I do with it?

• Express the sounds you feel
• Crazy drumming
• Dream and relax
• Create soundscapes and melodies without musical knowledge


• Different articulations from soft to plucked to hardly slapped
• Natural interaction
• Extend your ways of expression as a percussionist, guitarist, pianist or other musician
• 9 transposable pad-layouts with different tonalities from easy to complex (Five, Bluesscale, Pentawheel, Piano, Guitar Strings, 5ths circle, 3rd Matrix, Bassdrums, Waterdrops)
• 8 individual voices for 8 fingers (4 on iPad 1)

Orphion is available for $1.99

Draw Your Music With Gliss iPad App
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Gliss Drawing iPad Synthesizer

Gliss lets you play sound files and mix them easily by drawing on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
With gliss you can load your sounds and draw them on the gliss sequencer in a quick, intuitive way that lets you make music on the fly.
Play your mix using a tempo or scrub through by tilting your iPhone. The agility of gliss allows you to improvise and perform using the iPhone as a controller and interface.
Launch gliss and experience an hybrid of a sequencer, a game, an instrument and a generative music system.
Put sound under your fingertips with 5 different colors to draw notes, sequences and sounds.
Users giving us less stars might have expected a cheap version of yet another 16 step sequencer. Be prepared for a different approach on sound creation!

List of features:

• 5 colors to draw different sounds / samples / voices
• sample upload via wifi
• sample playback in different pitches using various scales
• physical tilt-controlled playhead, which adapts movements of the hand
• physical randomization option: control random pitches with the phone’s tilt
• muting voices
• glissandi over several octaves
• free or grid enabled placement of notes
• drifting selections
• saving / opening of projects
• let your mp3s play in the background using iPhone’s standard iPod App
• multiple sheets to draw your sounds on

• Sample Sets: A new instrument, which takes a list of samples and puts them on the y axis. So instead of controlling the frequency, multiple samples can be played by one colour. This can be used to create beats and rhythms, because you can have one drum set on one colour. Currently samples are played back in full length, although they are represented only by one dot.
• New Scheduler. The new scheduler is much more accurate and makes it possible to set the tempo by BPM and different types of meters.
• Back to original sequence. With a double tap on the randomization button, you can restore the original sequence. In a similar way you can get back to a default tempo, which can be set in the preferences, by double tapping the tempo button.
• Recording. You can now record your perfromance. Double tap on the playback mode button to start recording.
• Sequence organisation. Tap on the sequence number and you get a table with all sequences of the project. Here you can also change the position of a sequence, duplicate or delete it.
• Change direction but keep tempo. When you lock the tempo, you can now still change the direction. This is the current default.
• Slightly re-designed user interface.
• Upload zip files of samples.
• Soundcloud support: Share your recordings on soundcloud.
• Free samples: download hundreds of samples from soundcloud’s OPLC sample library for free!
• Please note that earlier projects might not work a 100%. So make sure you backup everything.

Gliss is available for $2.99


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