Rytmik Ultimate iPad Sounds Preview
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Cinemax announced Rytmik Ultimate for iPad. Rytmik was originally for the Nintendo DS. The Ultimate version includes all of the sounds from previous versions of Rytmik and then some hence ULTIMATE. The following video is a first impression sounds walk through. I spent about an hour with the app and had a lot of fun listening to each sound so I decided to show you what you can expect from Rytmik Ultimate. Most of the demos I heard were more about the 8 bit Chiptune sound so hopefully this will give you a better idea as that what the OTHER sounds in this app are about. I plan to spend a lot more time with this app. Version one does not feature Audiobus IAA or MIDI support. You can export your work as a wav file.

Don’t want to hear me talking over the sounds? Download the audio stream from Rytmik here: http://ipadloops.com/free-loops/Rytmik_Ultimate_Audio_Stream.wav

Hello and welcome to thesoundmixlab I am your host Dj Puzzle reporting for ipadloops.com and today we’re going to have a look at Rytmik Ultimate by Cinemax Games. Or is it Cinemax? Hmmm Anyway Rytmik Ultimate is fun groovebox type app that originated on the Nintendo DS.

Ket features:
Share and collaborate via the Rytmik Cloud
Export your music in the WAV format
More than 750 musical instruments
A drawable waveform synth module
Advanced effects like the ADSR Envelope, Digital Delay, Noise Shaper, Sample Offset and Loop Definition and more

MORE INFO HERE http://ipadloops.com/rytmik-ultimate-ipad-groovebox-app/

Almost every effect parameter can be modulated via the step sequencer

Here are couple short ideas I put together after spending an hour with this beast. Rytmik Ultimate is a complex app with a hint of the old school tracker vibe. Here you can layer 4 tracks of patterns. Any pattern can go anywhere here in one of these four rows on the timeline. The 4 rows are not instrument specific. Patterns can be color coded. There are 8 color groups with 24 pattern slots in each. Select a pattern and go to the clip editor to access the step sequencer. Each pattern has 4 notes of polyphony total each note has it’s own separate sequencer so you can combine different instruments in one patern OR use the same sound in all four slots to create chords. I know seems a bit confusing. Took me a bit to wrap my head around it. You get a maximum of 16 steps. The top row contains your volume faders and the bottom your pitch faders. There is a shuffle feature here at the top. I’ll play with that later. Let’s dive into some of the sounds that come with Rytmik Ultimate. You have six groupings of sounds each taken from earlier versions of Rytmik for Nintendo DS with some new ones including Draw Synth hence the Utlimate in Rytmik Ultimate. You get all of them in one. Sounds are broken down by type and there are up to 18 different sounds per category and not all have 18 sounds some have less. For example here we have 13 kick drums in the Dubstep column. Now it sounds like there is an effect on the snare so I’ll go into the FX section and turn off the vibrato effect which is causing a slight pitch modulation on the snare samples.There is a nice piano roll interface for finding the right pitch. There are some lovely world sounds here as well as some wicked hip hop drums but wait let’s go back to those world sounds ah just lovely. Draw (doctor ?? lol) Synth is quite nice. You can select from basic waveforms as well as draw the waveform and add effects. There is also an ADSR section. Let’s check it out on the piano roll. And here is our pattern with those changes. Let’s move on to some preset demos. Use these preset loops for inspiration as a starting point. Simply go into the clip editor and move notes around or swap out the instruments for something else. I found that looking around and playing with the demos helped me learn how to use this app. Here you can mute and solo tracks within each patter as well as change pitches and add shuffle. The visualizations are a nice distraction.

Rytmik Ultimate

Triqtraq With Ableton Link Preview
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Triqtraq supports Ableton Link

Triqtraq will soon support Ableton Link. Link is a technology that keeps devices in time over a wireless network, so you can forget the hassle of setting up and focus on playing music. Link will soon be available to the wider music-making community as a built-in feature of a growing number of iOS apps.

Triqtraq is a sort of all in one Groovebox type app with an intuitive easy to use interface. It’s perfect for creating beats and sampling.

• Compose and tweak beats fluently in an all-in-one window interface, without ever hitting stop.
• It’s all about touch: build up, vary, mangle and break your patterns with a swipe of your finger.
• Compose up to 16 patterns, and arrange them in the 16 step queue to build entire songs.

• Have endless fun with the real-time sound manipulation by recording various effect and parameter sliders.
• Add that personal touch and record your own sounds while jamming, with the super fast microphone recording feature.
• Get creative with a large library of over 400 included samples in 4 categories: Drums, Bass, Percussion and Keys.
• Take your custom sample library on the road by importing or pasting sounds from other apps.

• Surprise yourself and make endless variations of one loop: give each of the four channels a different length.
• Every recorded parameter automation can have its own length too, resulting in ever evolving rhythms or melodies.
• Create your own original grooves by changing the swing amount and BPM per step.

• Get your recorded tunes out there and export your tracks to Soundcloud or Mail.
• Move ideas to other apps and store audio recordings on Dropbox (via Open in…).
• Get an even bigger sonic palette by using it along other apps with Audiobus and Inter-app-audio.

What’s New in Version 1.5.3
– User Guide and Kick Start tutorial (in menu)
– reduced latency on the sample pads
– 64-bit support
– removed Korg Wist support
– AudioBus SDK 2.2
– AudioCopy SDK 3


Ableton Link

Key Features:

• Four channels, each containing 8 sample pads
• Up to 16 patterns in one session
• Live input or step editor

• Automation (recording slider movements) of all effects in real-time
• Multi-editing and recording by selecting multiple channels

• Unique amount and speed of sequencer steps per channel (Loop Range)

• Sample swapping during playback
• Sample recording with the internal microphone, also during playback
• Library with more than 400 one-shot samples included
• Queue feature for arranging patterns into a full track
• Real-time switching between patterns
• Export of real-time jams, patterns or queues to SoundCloud, Audio Copy, E-mail or iTunes
• Open In… export option to open recordings in apps like Dropbox
• Import of sounds via iTunes file sharing or Audio Paste

• Audiobus support
• Inter-App Audio: use triqtraq as a generator in Inter-App Audio compatible hosts

• Background Audio option in the App Settings menu
• User manual included


UPDATE: Electrify Ver 2 5 0 Adds AudioBus
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Electrify iOS Groovebox

ELECTRIFY is a virtual sample based Groovebox for your iPad. It was designed to combine the best features of existing hardware grooveboxes and the ease of use of software applications in one creative touchable app.

What’s New in Version 2.5.0

– Audiobus Support
– minor fixes


* 8-track sequencer with individual track lengths
* 2 chainable effect buses with 8 different effects (more to come soon)
* direct access to the track’s main parameters
* Easy to use step sequencer
* pattern matrix
* 7 parameters editable per step
* Professional Sample Library comprising more than 600 high quality samples provided by Mutekki Media.
* Import your own samples (wav/aif)
* Loop mode for playing stretched loops
* Sample editing: truncate, timestretch(pitch) / normalize
* Copy and Paste to other iPad apps
* Bounce patterns as wav
For more details on future improvements and development as well as bug fixes see the webpage. ELECTRIFY gets updated and improved frequently so stay tuned for more features to come. Your feedback is more than appreciated. Please send feature requests, bug reports and everything else you want to say using the contact form on the website.

Electrify is available for $14.99.

UPDATE: MINT.io Groovebox Ver 1 2 For iPad Adds AudioBus
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Mintio iPad Groovebox

MINT.io is “a playground for music creation”. MINT.io (Music In No Time) is a scale-based, intelligent Groovebox, aimed at live Techno, House, Dubstep and Breakbeat performances, built under the paradigm of one-screen interface in order to achieve maximum realtime tweak ability. Features pristine audio quality (CrystalClear 5.0 Ultra-Precision Audio Engine) and the amazing ability to randomly generate great-sounding drum and synth patterns. MINT.io is packed with modern sounds and offers many endless hours of instant music-generation fun, even for those who are new to making music.

What’s New in Version 1.2

+ Audiobus support
+ Bugfixes


+ Oktane: 8-Track Drum machine
+ Menthol: Ultra Bass Synth with B.E.A.S.T. Analog-Modelled LP Filter, Wobble Control, + Slide and Octave
+ Raindrop Vibe Twins: Unique “Pond” Synth with “Freeze” feature
+ Chiller: Automatic Chord Synth with 7 Trancegate patterns and Sidechain Simulation
+ Noise Machine: Comes as an extra Master FX


+ Extra-quality, fast access LP/HP filters on each channel
+ Randomize Drum & Synth tracks by tapping twice on the ABCD buttons
+ Randomize ALL feature
+ Automatic Drum & Synth Pattern Sequencer with Polyrhythm ability


+ 5 Master FX: Glitch, Synced Repeater, VibeGlitch, Noise Machine, BitCrusher
+ Channel FX: Synced Delay & Mega Reverb
+ Realtime adjustable Tempo & Swing
+ 3 Drum Styles for random generation: House, Breakbeat, Dubstep


+ 20 Modern Drumkits (House, Breakbeat, Dubstep)
+ 20 Menthol Ultra Bass sounds
+ 32 Fresh Raindrop Vibes sounds
+ 16 Lush Chiller Chord string & pad sounds


+ 20+ Built-in Scales, Edit/Transpose/Shift Scale
+ Save Menthol Synth presets
+ 4 Drum & Synth slots to save patterns
+ Solo Mode for all channels

MINT.io Groovebox is available for $4.99


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