How To Download Loops To An iPad
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Download Loops To An iPad

The following tutorial shows you how to download loops to an iPad from website that sells or distributes loops in zip format. The AudioShare app makes it quite easy to do. Once downloaded you can unpack the zip and import the loops into your DAW or app of choice.

AudioShare is the only sound file manager with powerful import and export abilities. If you are using music-making apps, then this tool is a must-have!

Organize all your soundfiles and midifiles on your device. Record, trim, convert, normalize, upload, download, export, import, zip, unzip. Create folders, rename and move files and folders around, put everything where you can find it.

Built-in Inter-App Audio host with 4 node slots. Record Inter-App Audio compatible instruments and effects, or process files through the chain! AudioShare is also itself a node that can be used in other hosts like Garageband or Auria.

Use it to transfer files between apps and between your device and computer. For example, import a soundfile from your dropbox or music library, and share it on SoundCloud. Or audiocopy sounds from your favorite music-making app and import into the AudioShare library for later sharing or copying into other apps. Or record your live-jam from other Audiobus-apps.

You can record directly in the app, from hardware, Inter-App Audio, or other Audiobus compatible apps. Preview and play soundfiles with waveform display and looping, trim and normalize soundfiles, and convert to other file formats. Download Loops To An iPad
• Record external input (such as microphone) directly in app
• Record the live output of other Audiobus-compatible apps
• Record Inter-App Audio node apps
• AudioPaste (General pasteboard, Retronyms ACP2.0)
• Import files from AudioShare-compatible apps
• Import files & folders from Dropbox.
• Download soundfiles from the web with built-in browser
• “Open in” from other app
• iTunes file sharing
• Import songs from iTunes music library
• WiFi Drive: upload from any browser on your local network
• Import from iOS8 Document Pickers like iCloud Drive

• Playback directly in app
• AudioCopy (General pasteboard, Retronyms ACP2.0)
• Import files into AudioShare-compatible apps
• SoundCloud upload
• Export files & folders to Dropbox
• “Open in” another app
• Send by email
• iTunes file sharing
• Audiobus: play back soundfiles into other Audiobus-compatible apps!
• WiFi Drive: download from any browser on your local network
• Export to iOS8 Document Pickers like iCloud Drive

AudioShare is available for $4.99

Loops For Garageband iPad
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Loops for garageband ipad and iphone

Download free loops for Garageband iPad app

Here is our massive list of free loops. There will be more added on a monthly basis. All of our free loops can be imported into Garageband or your app of choice through. We recommend using AudioShare to import and organize the files. Most are zip files so you can easily download the zip on your iPad and open with AudioShare. You can also import via iTunes sharing section. Supported apps include but not limited to Garageband, NanoStudio, Looptastic, and FL Mobile. Feel free to contact us through our contact form for support. Use our guides page to see how you import these loops into your iOS device.

Loops For Garageband iPad

01 ) Free Dj Samples From Dj Puzzle

02 ) Free Electro Loops from Dj Puzzle

03 ) Free Dj Scratch Loops From Dj Puzzle
Dj Puzzle Dj Scratch Loops.zip

04 ) Get free loops from co-founder of Polish Nu Jazz group Skalpel

05 ) Free Dubstep Beats From Peace Love Productions

06 ) Free Drum n Bass Loops From Peace Love Productions

07 ) Free Rap Instrumentals From Soundtrack Loops

08 ) Free Indie Dance Basses From Peace Love Productions

09) Free Electro House and Dubstep Loops from Peace Love Productions

10) 10 free loops from Loop Cartel, Dj Puzzle, and Peace Love Productions.

11) Free Transcendent synth loops compliments of Loop Cartel.

12) Free Deep House loops compliments of Loop Cartel.

13) Free Deep House loops compliments of Loop Cartel.

14) Free Funk, Dance, Cinematic, and more. Compliments of Dj Puzzle.


16) FREE HUGE 500MB HIP HOP LOOP PACK http://bit.ly/12xhSjI

17) Free Dance SFX loops for Garageband iPad and iPhone http://bit.ly/1bbylU8

18) December releases sampler from Soundtrack Loops http://www.peaceloveproductions.com/loops/PLP_Dec2013_FREE.zip

19) 600+MB Micro House pack absolutely FREE HERE http://bit.ly/1c9NnWU

20) Free smooth Jazz / Jazzy Chillout pack http://ipadloops.com/free-loops/JazzyChillOutApple.zip

21) Creepy Kid spoken word http://ipadloops.com/CreepyKid.zip

22) Brazilian love Jazz http://www.djpuzzle.com/loops/Soundtrack_Loops_Brazilian_Lounge_FREE_PACK.zip

23) Free Funkstep loops http://www.peaceloveproductions.com/loops/PLP_20_Free_October2012.zip

24) Free X0X analog Acid Techno loops http://www.djpuzzle.com/loops/FREE_X0X.zip

25) HUGE FREE DEEP ELECTRO HOUSE PACK – http://www.peaceloveproductions.com/loops/Dj_Puzzle_FREE_Deep_Electro_House.zip

iPadLoops was the world’s first website to offer free loop packs for use with apps like iMPC Pro, Loopy HD, Loopy, Looptastic, Meta.Dj, Beatmaker, NanoStudio, and more. Use our loops royalty free in your next tune.

Like our free loops? Like us on Facebook and we will add more!

Want to link to your free loops for Garageband iPad and iPhone apps on this page? Contact us!

Ninja Tune Artist Skalpel On iPad
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Ninja Tune Artist Skalpel On iPad

Co-founding member from Skalpel, a Nu Jazz group from Poland, has produced loops and samples for the Loop Twister app for iPad.

Loop Twister is an intuitive beat-remixing app.

Download free loops from this app here http://www.waveforms.pl/looptwister/extraloops

It turns your iPad and iPhone into a creative and powerful machine designed for playing and realtime processing of musical loops.

What’s New in Version 1.4

New features :

1) Loops have their own names and can be quickly launched from a loop browser.

2) Bank Manager allows to switch between sets of loops and import new audio from General Pasteboard and iTunes documents folder to Loop Twister banks.

3) You can save up to 10 different patterns with loops for instant recalling in the future.

4) Your live performance can be recorded to a WAV file and copied to external computer using iTunes.

5) Trigger mode allows to manually launch different parts
of loops and effects patterns (synchronously) during playback.

6) Content of both effect patterns and slice orders can be manually shifted forward and backward during playback.

7) Shifted patterns and effect patterns now can be cleared separately.

8) Effect controller for Spinner, Retrigger, Foldback distortion
and Nasty! was created for additional control over these effects.

9) App works in background mode and mute button is settings are ignored.

10) Audio and some graphics are improved.

Listen to an audio demo of this app here http://www.waveforms.pl/looptwister/audiodemo.mp3

Easy to use, loaded with 64 fresh sounding loops and quality DSP effects gives you endless possibilities of new making sounds for using in your own beats or just for playing and having fun.

Enjoy a range of cutting-edge studio loops made by Marcin Cichy, co-founder of “Skalpel” music act that released several Eps and albums on famous Ninja Tune label. Marcin currently works as music producer and mastering engineer at PlugAudioMastering.


☯ Simple, easy to use and intuitive interface. It looks exactly the same on both iPhone and iPad.

☯ 8 high-quality DSP effects including LP & stereo HP filters, pitch bender, foldback distortion and bass booster/ring modulator, LO-FI resampler and more.

☯ 2 banks of factory loops ( 32 loops each) -great source of samples for electro house, dubstep, grime and hip hop tracks including drums, percussions baselines and chiptune sounds.

☯ 16-step programmable sequencer for adding effects to loops with optional randomization.

☯ Pattern manager for saving and loading sequencer settings.

☯ Built-in wav rendered that allows to record your own loops and export them for using in other music apps on your iPhone, iPad or a computer. Loop Twister supports Audio Pasteboard (for instant pasting loops to other apps) and iTunes file sharing.

☯ Import of custom loops for playing, processing and mixing with factory sounds.

☯ Fast and accurate crossfader.

☯ Tempo range : 60 – 240 BPM.

☯ Built-In help and a comprehensive user manual (available online).

☯ Universal app.

Loop Twister is available for $0.99

SoundPrism Pro Controlling A Nord Lead 3
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SoundPrism Pro Controlling A Nord Lead 3

The following demonstration shows the making of a Trance loop using an iPad app called SoundPrism Pro to control a Nord Lead 3 via midi connection.

Download the audio performance loop of from this video at

SoundPrism Pro is a MIDI Controller for iOS based on the popular SoundPrism App for iPad and iPhone. SoundPrism Pro supports Core MIDI via a wireless connection or USB via the Camera Connection Kit made by Apple (USB is iPad only).

SoundPrism Pro is available for $15.99

Free LoopMash Loop Editor
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Mangle loops on your iPhone or iPod with LoopMash

Free LoopMash version for iPhone and iPod touch users with iOS4 (link below). Great for mangling beats on the bus and train! =)

LoopMash compares and replaces similar musical elements, blending up to four two-bar loops together. The app comes with over 250 audio loops from different music styles plus more than 50 factory presets as well as an unlimited number of user presets. Each preset includes eight scenes; each scene blends up to four loops together.

By updating LoopMash to version 1.1, preset sharing and the in-app store are added to the app’s feature set. Users may now expand their LoopMash library with various content sets, each containing over 50 premium audio loops created by some of the finest musicians and sound designers around.

The newly featured in-app store is starting off with genre-specific content sets for rock, hip hop and funk as well as an additional three eclectic expansion packs, each available for EUR 0.79, GBP 0.59 and USD 0.99. Plus, created by multi-instrumentalist and producer Erran Baron Cohen is a special set comprising loops ranging from chill out to bossa nova, now available for EUR 1.59, GBP 1.19 and USD 1.99.

LoopMash Free offers iPhone and iPod touch users the chance to experience its innovative approach to mixing loops together at no charge at all. To enjoy the quality content in its entirety, however, users will want to upgrade to the full retail version.

“The in-app store in LoopMash 1.1 is a great way to add to your library. We’re now offering loops in various music styles that are so much fun to play with,” comments Carlos M. Rohde, marketing manager at Steinberg. “And with LoopMash Free, users can check out this ingenious tool without having to pay for it first.”

1) Download some of our free loop here Free Loops

2) Get the free LoopMash and make our loops your own!


  • iPad Loops is a music app blog dedicated to exposing the best iPad apps for iOS musicians, producers, and Djs. This is not a database of every app. It is, however, one of useful recommendations from someone with many years in music production. I try to update it on a daily basis (ok sometimes every two days) and I do my best to post useful apps only. My name is Jason Donnelly (Dj Puzzle). You might know me from my royalty free loop packs and sound design. Some of the apps that contain my loops are LP-5, iPRO.DJSAMPLER, Looptastic, and Audio Elements. My work is published by Sony Creative, Soundtrack Loops, Sample Logic, Pakotec, Loopmasters, Acoustica, Xmix, Sound Trends, and many more. Subscribe to our RSS feed below to get updated when new apps are posted.


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