CrossDJ iPad Dj App
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CrossDj App For iPad

CrossDj App For iPad

MixVibes is proud to present the most exciting DJing application we have ever made: CrossDJ for iPad. MixVibes brings a comprehensive iPad DJing experience with a user friendly yet professional and feature rich layout. This application allows all DJs to enjoy performing quality sounding mixes on an iPad.
CrossDJ was developed by the same professional software team who developed Cross, awarded best DJing software in 2010 and 2011 at Paris MIXMOVE awards. MixVibes has been providing DJs with professional solutions for over 10 years. Hence, no other iPad DJing application has ever received such expertise, attention to ergonomics and user feedback in its development

A complete DJing tool, CrossDJ is a full-fledged DJing controller. It features a full 2-channel mixer with 3-band EQs and Kills, preset Loops, 6 Locators, High-precision audio FX with X/Y control pad and much more. These professional features are what will no doubt make this application a reference in the DJing Market.

In addition, CrossDJ takes advantage of the iPad/iPhone media management paradigm with a fluid, rapid and intuitive browsing and loading. You can easily access all iTunes playlists and browse media using a Dynamic Triple Criteria Filter.
The audio stream can be split in order to be able to monitor tracks with headphones which is essential for a professional mix.

Thanks to 10 years of expertise in DJing software, MixVibes brings you a functional iPad application including all the main DJing features you need to perform and control a seamless mix.
The mixer section includes 2 players with 3-band equalizers, frequency kills, gains, 2 volume faders, a crossfader and 2 pitch sliders with adjustable range (4%, 6%, 8%, 16%, 32%, 100%).

The interface features 2 deck views: The “vinyl record deck” allows precise scratching and the possibility to cue a track as you would with a regular turntable.
The “FX view” features a large X/Y control pad allowing you to explore the full extent and potential of the 13 audio FX. The “FX hold” feature allows you to lock down an audio effect on a precise setting point. These features are the gateway to a whole new spectrum of creative possibilities.

The first mode is the regular loop mode with 8 different lengths of loops varying from 1/8th to 16 beats (4bars).
The second mode is called “slip” mode. Here, loops are active only when a finger is pressed on the loop. While the loop is active the track keeps playing so that when you release the finger the musical flow is not affected.

The BPM analysis algorithm used by CrossDJ has been fire-tested and perfected to the max for the iPad.
This analysis is performed automatically the first time you load a track. Once analyzed, the mix is visually assisted with a sync meter and high definition waveforms.
Thanks to the “Beatgrid” feature, mixes will be flawless and synchronized automatically. Edits to the beat grid are doable on-the-fly and saved to the collection.

CrossDJ offers the possibility to monitor the mix with headphones by splitting the audio signal.
This will allow you to perform mixes in professional conditions.


CrossDJ is stocked with a combination of MixVibes’ multiple award-winning Media Management system and Apple’s intuitive track search paradigm.
Media browsing is made through a multi-criteria filter or directly on the full size iPad keyboard. Hence, loading a new track is done in seconds.

Waves Audio Mashup Dj APP
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Waves Audio Mashup Dj App

Announcing Mashup powered by Waves. Works on iPad 2 iPad 3 iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th generation.

Technical Grammy® award-winning Waves Audio goes mobile with the first truly professional mobile mixing system for pro DJs.
The Mashup Pro DJ Mixer App rocks any party from the club to the bedroom with just an iPad.

Replacing complex, expensive and cumbersome DJ gear like turntables, CDJs, mixers, and PCs, Mashup on the iPad is a fully operational mobile DJ booth.

What’s New in Version 1.2

The new Mashup 1.2 includes several optimizations and improvements based on DJs feedback:
– Improved CUEING feature. When tapping on CUE when a cue point is not set, the CUE point is set to the current playback time.
– Playback is not paused when CUE button is released after behing touched for extended period of time.
– Tapping on CUE when a deck is PAUSED will start playback from the CUE point while the CUE button is tapped.
– Maintain deck playback state – when loading a track to a playing deck, the track will start playing immediately after being loaded.
– Improved looping precision.
– Time-stretching improvements: The tempo panel buttons now works for tracks without auto-detected or user-set BPM / Tempo
– Disable time-stretching and beats-view interactions while scratching to prevent accidental operations while in scratch mode.
– Fixed issue with some tracks not reseting to 00:00 playback time when playback ends and auto-mixing is off.
– Improved the quality of Mashup default track cover art when the iPad goes into lock mode.
– Improved loops display over the beats grid: active loop color is orange and inactive loop color is white.
– Disabled loop out button while in an active loop.

Mashup offers a turnkey solution for all pro-DJs needs:
– Two rotating stereo decks and mixer, playing all unprotected audio formats
– Advanced scratch engine for rotating deck manipulation and scratching
– Resonant filters with large touch-ribbon interface for maximum seamless control
– Unlimited Playlists created ‘on the fly’
– Hi-end EQs with large interface controls
– Auto sync and beat matching between decks
– DJ Shop with hot new track downloads

Mashup features audio technology from digital audio pioneers Waves, used by professional producers and DJs worldwide. Waves technology delivers superior sound quality, robust audio engine, hi-end EQs and resonant filters, noise-free scratching, and more.

Play and mix music from your iPad’s music library, your Mac or PC, or music downloads from top DJs Junior Sanchez, Kris Menace, and more.

Mashup also offers Waves’ unique sound enhancing engine MAXX, boosting bass frequencies and overall volume.
From personal earbuds to large cabinet speakers, MAXX makes any listening environment sound better. (MAXX is a premium feature)

Main Features:
– Superior sounding 2-channel stereo mixer with up to +6 db gain per mixing channel
– Beautifully designed and intuitive mixer user interface with quick access to music, EQ, filter, loops and more..
– Tempo change with real time time-stretching for each channel
– Pitch-shift for each channel
– Robust 3-band EQ per channel
– Resonant Filters – one high-pass and/or low-pass filter with adjustable resonance per channel, using a unique touch ribbon interface
– iPad music library instant playback – instantly play any track from your device
– DJ with headphones. Run Mashup on an iPhone or an iPod Touch and connecting it with your – iPad using WiFi or Bluetooth
– Free mixable music downloads from major dance music artists
– A robust music library with multiple playlists and quick loading to the mixer
– Realistic, noise-free scratching
– Record your mixes in stereo to an uncompressed audio file and copy the file to your computer to editing, further mixing and sharing

Premium Feature – MAXX
– Make your Mashup mixes sound even better with MAXX
– MAXX is an audio enhancement technology developed by Waves
– MAXX uses sophisticated algorithms to enhance the sound of your music and mixes
– Unlock MAXX to get amazing robust sound out of your iPad-connected speakers
– Choose from 5 built-in presets: Ear-bud Headphones, DJ Headphones, Dock Speakers, Home Speakers or Club Speakers
– Easy to use – Boost your mix volume with MAXXVolume, your, bass with MAXXBass or both
– MAXX is available as an optional paid feature

Mashup is designed for iPad 2 and the new iPad. Mashup for iPhone and iPod Touch allows using these devices for headphone monitoring when mixing on an iPad.


Dj Remixer2 App For iPad
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Dj Remixer2 App For iPad

This is the type of app I like to post about. DJ Remixer2 is wicked mashup app for iPad. Remix and re-sequence your favorite music live as it plays without ever breaking the beat. Great for making Dj edits.

What’s New in Version 2.2

– Improved BPM detection algorithm.
– New instant mode (seek to different measures instantly without breaking the beat).
– Master BPM can be set to manual (you control the output BPM and not the fader).

See Dj Remixer2 in action.


✔ High-resolution graphics for the new iPad retina display.

✔ Load songs and music videos directly from your iPod library (can not load DRM protected files).

✔ Auto-detect song measures (groups of 4 beats) and re-sequence then on the fly.

✔ Auto-fader crates automatic mashups that are always aligned to the beat. You can choose between 1, 2, 4 and 8 beats for each deck (fader animates automatically).

✔ Song is represented by color coded nodes, one for each song measure. Usually blue indicates strong bass and bass drum, green for voice/guitar and red for tom-tom and cymbal.

✔ Music picker with songs sorted by BPM lets you select songs with similar tempo.

✔ Automatically adds loaded tracks to ‘Songs by BPM’ list. Optionally batch process BPM for all your tracks (this will take a while but can be interrupted and resumed at anytime).

✔ A color waveform scrubber lets you visualize the entire song waveform including the color for each node. You can touch anywhere in the waveform scrubber to quickly seek to that part of the song. A red cursor shows the current play position and a yellow frame the current view window.

✔ One high quality 3-band equalizer per deck.

✔ One X/Y effect pads per deck including filters for Low Pass, Flanger and Echo.

✔ Two timelines per deck… one with the original music sequence and the other, editable for use in longer loops or entire track remixes.

✔ Tap any node to set it as the next one to play (yellow frame). Currently playing node shows with a red frame.

✔ Swipe down on a node from the track timeline to add it at the end of loop timeline. Swipe down on a node form the loop timeline to remove it.

✔ Touch and hold over a node to grab it. You can add, remove and re-arrange nodes in the loop timeline.

✔ Automatically saves your custom remix for each track. Just reload a track and the last remix for that track will be automatically restored in the loop timeline.

✔ Advanced offset edit mode allows you to manually align the loops by sliding the loop window offset up or down by one beat or 1% of the window size. Custom offsets are stored for next time you reload the track.

✔ Support for Air Play and Bluetooth streaming.


meta.DJ One Shot Sample Trigger
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meta.DJ One Shot Sample Trigger

Here is a video showing how you can use your own samples in the One Shot device/player inside of meta.DJ for iPad. It’s a great musical tool for triggering cool sound effects and crazy samples on-the-fly.


Dj Spooky Dj App For iPad
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Dj Spooky Dj App For ipad

DJ Spooky official iPhone App developed by DJ Spooky and Musicsoft Arts. Also works on iPhone and iPod Touch.

Download, play and mix exclusive DJ Spooky track created for this App.

Play sound effects over the tracks, including special sound effects created by DJ Spooky for this App. The App will mix music for you automatically or you can use the built-in DJ Spooky Mixer to mix the tracks yourselves in a party.

What’s New in Version 1.7

New free features
– DJ with Headphones with 2 mobile devices over Bluetooth – no Wifi Required!
– Headphones audio improvements – less lags and buffering
– Graceful failure on DRM or iCloud track import
– Improved audio metering and LED display
– Show currently playing track in the iOS 4+ background task bar and support pause and play from the task bar. Show cover art of playing song on device locked screen.
– Show album cover in device locked mode
– Locked screen audio handling. Don’t stop audio when devices locks

– Increased stability
– Recovery from switching to another music app and back
– Downloads queue management and display improvements
– Headphones – handle change in audio route gracefully
– Respond to remote-control events (from the background task bar, or iPod headphones buttons)
– Support multi-touch on the FX filter ribbon
– iPhone startup experience improvement
– Fixed issue with headphones in-app-purchase not showing as unlocked after purchase

The App includes 2 new and exclusive downloadable DJ Spooky tracks and free DJ Spooky sound effects.

You can also purchase additional and exclusive mixable tracks created by DJ Spooky for this App, and purchase additional exclusive DJ Spooky sound effects to spice up your mix.

You can mix your own music in the App by unlocking the mix your own music feature. Once unlocked, you’ll be able to copy your music to the App over WiFi or through http://djmixer.fm



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